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Aims and Objectives

(i) To promote research in pure and applied sciences and their practical applications to problems of national welfare in Bangladesh.
(ii) To disseminate scientific knowledge among the people.
(iii) To publish proceedings, journals, memoirs, transactions and other publications on scientific subjects.
(iv) To hold conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, lectures etc on scientific topics of national and international importance either alone or in collaboration with local or international organizations and institutions.
(v) To establish and maintain scientific libraries, laboratories, museums and research institutions.
(vi) To provide grants, scholarships and fellowships for approved scientific research and award prizes and medals for outstanding scientific work.
(vii) To undertake such scientific work of national and international importance as the Academy may be called upon to perform by the public and by the Government, and to advise the Government on scientific matters of national importance.
(viii) To act as the leading scientific organization of the scientists of eminence in Bangladesh and to represent internationally the scientific community of the country.
(ix) To obtain and administer funds, donations, endowments and grants for the promotion and development of Science in Bangladesh and for the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Academy.
(x) To act as the adhering body of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) and other similar International Unions or Organizations.
(xi) To do and perform all other acts, matters and things that may assist in or conduce to, or be necessary for the fulfilment of the above mentioned aims and objectives of the Academy.