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2nd IAP Young Scientists Conference


It is with great pleasure that we provide you with the list of the selected IAP Young Scientists for 2009. We had a very diverse and dynamic set of nominations from IAP Members and the level of competence was high making it an difficult task for the selection committee to draw up a shortlist. Thank you for your input.

The young scientists have now been invited by IAP and WEF to participate in the 2nd IAP Young Scientists Conference which will take place in conjunction with the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2009, in September, in
Dalian China
. Some young scientists have also been selected from the 2008 participants and have agreed to return with the role of Young Scientist and Young Mentor, assisting the new intake in establishing contact with the WEF participants and making the most of the events organized during the official Forum. The IAP Conference will consist of two sessions:

1. Science education to create the innovators of the future.

2.Research Priorities and Government/Business/Academy Partnership to Address Societal Needs Through Innovation (e.g. in Aging, Food/Water Security, Energy technologies, Healthcare)

We are in contact with the Young Scientists directly and look very much forward to welcoming them in Dalian. IAP plans to award five grants of a max. of 10,000
US $ for each grant, to young scientists who submit a proposal for a research partnership with one of the business entrepreneurs they have the opportunity of encountering at the Conference in Dalian

A number of young scientists working in top research institutes in
China have also been identified by the Chinese Academy
of Sciences and have been invited as observers to the event.

Please feel free to share information and brief the young scientists on IAP and its objectives before their trip in order for them to gain a better understanding of the Network.

With thanks to all IAP Members once again for participating in this initiative:


2nd IAP Young Scientists Conference

in conjunction with the

World Economic Forums “Annual Meeting of the New Champions”

Dalian, 10-12 September 2009

1.AmalAMINAcademy of Scientific of Research and technology, Egypt
2.HeleneANDERSSON SVAHNThe Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
3.Daniel ARIANO SANCHEZAcademy of Medical Physical and Natural Sciences of Guatemala
4.SundayASAOLUThe Nigerian Academy of Sciences
5.AdilBAYKASOGLUTurkish Academy of Sciences
6.CatherineBEAUDRYRSC: The Academies of Arts, Humanities and sciences of Canada
8.ArchanaBHAW-LUXIMONMauritius Academy of Science and Technology
9.TilmanBRUCK*Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
10.ZhiyongBUOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Science
11.MukadasiBUYINZAUganda National Academy of Sciences
12.Yoke-FunCHANAcademy of Sciences Malaysia
13.Hee CheulCHOIThe Korean Academy of Science and Technology
14.RaissaDSOUZAUS National Academies of Science
15.AndrewDILLINU.S. National Academy of Science
16.KeDINGChinese Academy of Sciences
17.JiangfengDUOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
18.Mohammad alGHOUTIRoyal Scientific Society, Jordan
19.RajeshGOPAKUMARIndian National Science Academy
20.Moustapha GUEYEAcademy of Science and Technology, Senegal
21.YaelHANEINIsrael Academy of Sciences and Humanities
22.Hisham YousifHASSANSudanese National Academy of Sciences
23.VanessaHAYESAustralian Academy of Science
24.Hans J.W.M.HILGENKAMP*Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences
25.RafaelaHILLERBRANDDeutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
26.SohnHOONThe Korean Academy of Science and Technology
27.S. ManjuraHOQUEBangladesh Academy of Sciences
28.David A. W.HUTCHINSON*Academy Council of the Royal Society of New Zealana
29.NitsaraKAROONUTHAISIRI*Thailand Academy of Science and Technology
31.KiroyukiKATAYAMAScience Council of Japan
32.John B.KIRABIRAUganda National Academy of Sciences
33.PaulaKIVIMAAthe Delegation of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
34.OlgaKOVALCHUKRSC: The Academy of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada
35.JittipornKRUENATEThai Academy of Science and Technology
36.RenLAIChinese Academy of Sciences
37.ClaudiaLOBATO DA SILVAAcademy of Sciences of Lisbon, Portugal
39.ThokozaniMAJOZIAcademy of Science of South Africa
40.Salome M.MARTINEZChilean Academy of Sciences
41.Maite MARTINEZ ALDAYARoyal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Spain
42.GayanMEEGAMANational Academy of Sciences, Sir Lanka
43.Hiba Salah ElMOHAMED*African Academy of Sciences
44.JohnMUYONGA*Uganda National Academy of Sciences
45.Mihai G.NETEAThe Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
46.Peter K. NGURENGUGIAfrican Academy of Sciences
47.TjerkOOSTERKAMPYoung Academy, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences
48.XiulianPANOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
49.SongQIN*Chinese Academy of Sciences
50.Mohd B.A.RAHMANAcademy of Sciences Malaysia
51.Sabita RezwanaRAHMANBangladesh Academy of Sciences
52.Santiago R.RONTWAS
53.SameerSHDEEDPalestine Academy of Science & Technology
54.Luis SILVAAcademy of Science Lisbon, Portugal
55.BernardSLIPPERSAcademy of Science of South Africa
56.YanhuaSUOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
57.MichaelSUTHERLANDRoyal Society, UK
58.James TICKNERAustralian Academy of Science
59.Emmanuel I.UNUABONAHThe Nigerian Academy of Science
60.HongpingWEIOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
61.GesaWEYHENMEYERThe Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
62.MartinWILMKINGDeutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
63.BinXUEOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
64.Bahar YETIS KARATurkish Academy of Sciences
65.ZhefengZHANGOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
66.LihuaZHANGOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
67.TaoZHANGOVSERVER-Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
68.HongwuZHAOOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences
69.TianjunZHOUOBSERVER-Chinese Academy of Sciences