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Contribute Articles for Science Vision

Contribute Articles for Science Vision



 Science Vision is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal published by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS). As an inter-governmental organization dedicated to the sustainable socio-economic uplift of its Member States, COMSATS has been publishing this journal since 1995 for scientific information dissemination in abroad range of fields, such as agriculture, renewable energy, environment, health and water resources. The focus of the journal was changed in 2009 from purely scientific articles to those addressing social, economical and moral dimensions of scientific and technological developments. The elucidation of relevant technical details for the benefit of non-specialists are expected to be part of such papers

Submission of Papers/Articles

Research as well as review articles are invited that have general scientific descriptions on a specific topic, with comprehensive discussion of the impact of relevant discoveries and innovations on society for creating understanding of the contemporary issues and challenges. Publishing article(s) in COMSATS’ journal is advantageous, as it is widely circulated at the highest levels, among scientific, academic and policy-making circles, particularly in the 21 member countries of COMSATS. As per the policy of the journal, the contributors are compensated for their time and efforts with a modest amount of honorarium.

 Types of Manuscripts:

The following types of manuscripts are accepted for the journal:

1. Original papers – Elaborating the significance/relevance of the author’s research for the benefit of society;

2. Review articles – Highlighting the current state of research on a particular topic and its social impact; and

3. Case-studies – Comprising analyses (arguments and opinions) of specific technological developments and their socio-economic implications.

 WhoShould Write for Science Vision?

Scientists, researchers, policy-makers and young scholars from S&T organizations as well as freelance experts are invited to write for the journal in line with its focus.


In order to ensure the quality of the articles published in the journal, the submitted manuscripts are first vetted to see if these are within the scope of the journal and then sent to one or more referees. The help of the members of the International Editorial Advisory Committee is sought in this respect. The Editorial Board retains the right to accept a paper or suggest revisions based on confidential report. Some editorial corrections may be carried out before the galleys are finally sent to the authors for vetting.

Instructions for Authors


Manuscripts of upto 8,000 words should be typewritten on A4 paper (210x297 mm), with double pacing and 3 cm margins. Each section should begin on a new page and may include: title page, 150 words abstract/summary, keywords, text, illustrations, tables, references/bibliography and acknowledgement.

Title Page:

The title page should contain: (i) the title of the article; (ii) names and initials of authors with their highest academic qualifications; (iii) the department or institution to which the work should be attributed (if necessary); and (iv) name and address of the corresponding author.


The second page of the manuscript should carry an abstract of not more than 150 words, which may contain a gist of the study or investigation, main findings, and the principle conclusions, followed by a set of keywords.

Tables and Illustrations:

The tables and illustrations should be: (i) numbered according to the order in which they are mentioned in the text; (ii) carefully revised for facts and figures and any discrepancies removed; (iii) have short explanatory captions; and iv) mentioning the source (if necessary) at the bottom. The figures may contain text, only if it is legible at the scale of its reproduction.


Authors should limit the use of abbreviations. Terms that are mentioned frequently may be abbreviated but only if this practice does not hinder the readers’ comprehension. Abbreviations should be used consistently through out the text, but must be clearly defined right at the start of the text.

References and Bibliography:

In order to standardize the citation and referencing style, the authors are requested to preferably use the alphabetical/name-date system in a particular style known as the Harvard style. In this style of referencing/citation, the author's surname and the year of publication are cited in the text (e.g. Bond, 2004) and a reference list (of these citations) is included at the end of the article/paper, in alphabetical order by author-name with date. Such a reference list also includes important details, for instance the title and publisher. Specimen of Harvard style can be viewed at:

A bibliography may be provided to list relevant items that have been used for preparation of the article/paper but not necessarily cited in the text. The bibliography should also be in the Harvard style mentioned above.

Editorial Board

Dr. Imtinan Elahi Qureshi (Chief Editor); Mr. Irfan Hayee (Managing Editor);

Ms. Farhana Saleem (Editor); and Mr. Tajammul Hussain (Publisher)


For Queries/Comments and Submission of Articles/Papers:

Chief Editor - Science Vision

COMSATS Secretariat

4 Floor, COMSATS Building, Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat, G-5/2, Islamabad- 44000, Pakistan.

Tel: (+92-51) 9214515-7; Fax: (+92-51) 9216539; Email: ;