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BAS-USDA Endowment Program for Applied Research in Natural Sciences Focused on Food Security **About the Manual: ** Operation manual is the management regulations, guidelines, procedures and instructions for preparing projects and for monitoring and evaluating performance of the BAS-USDA projects. It also provides guidelines for submission of Project Proposal, financial plan, monitoring and evaluation system and other relevant actions pertaining to management of fund and projects under BAS-USDA Endowment Program. Based on the experiences of grant management over last eight years, the manual has been updated by a team composed of Prof. Dr. Quazi Abdul Fattah, Prof. Dr. M Shamsher Ali, Prof. Dr. K M Sultanul Aziz, Prof. Dr. Zahurul Karim, Prof. Dr. Zia Uddin Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Z N Tahmida Begum, Dr. Khan Shahidul Huque and Prof. Dr. Mesbahuddin Ahmed. The team deserves special thanks for their technical input in preparing the revised document, which was critically reviewed by all the members of the Technical Advisory Team (TAC) and Board of Trustees (BoT), BAS-USDA Endowment Fund.

Download the manual from below link