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13th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates

7 March, 2022

To advance science and technology within the Asia-Pacific and Africa region, it will be necessary to foster talented young researchers having wide perspectives that transcend individual disciplines and lofty values derived from the region’s inherent cultures.

To foster such researchers, HOPE Meetings have been organized by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science since 2008. The title “HOPE” signifies the promise held for young scientists and optimism for a bright science and technology future in the Asia-Pacific and Africa region.

HOPE Meetings give opportunities for excellent doctoral students and young researchers selected from countries/areas in the region to engage in interdisciplinary discussions with Nobel laureates and other distinguished scientists. Their programs include dialogue with distinguished scientists pioneering the frontiers of knowledge; exchanges among the participants themselves, who live under the same roof for one week; and cultural lectures and activities.

The HOPE meeting is scheduled to be held during the period from 7-11 March 2022. Due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19, this is the first time the meeting will be held online via web conferencing system. Please find more details in the attached file and on our website.https://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-hope/index.html

We wish to request your cooperation in nominating 3 excellent PhD students and/or young researchers (who received their PhDs within the past 5 years as of 1 April 2021). We would appreciate it if you could send us your nominations along with their applications* by 30 September 2021**.

* Please be sure to use the Application Form (click here for download the form) for overseas participants, which is not posted on JSPS’s website. An (Appendix) Instruction on the Application can be found here. (Instruction on the Application)

As the 12th HOPE Meeting had to be canceled due to concern about the COVID-19 pandemic, if you wish to nominate people selected for the 12th Meeting again, they are eligible to participate in the 13th Meeting even if they no longer satisfy the eligibility requirements stipulated in the document “Outline of the 13th HOPE Meeting.”

For more information please contact to Secretarty, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (office@bas.org.bd; bas_bangladesh@yahoo.com)

Registration Link: https://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-hope/index.html