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National Consultant, Livestock Project, Development Adviser, FAO of the United Nations Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Banlgadesh

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Dr. Khan Shahidul Huque

(Fellow, 2018)

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

Dr. Khan Shahidul Huque was born on 31 July 1958.

He graduated with the bachelor of honors in Animal Husbandry and Master of Animal Nutrition from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, and obtained a PhD in 1992 from Aberdeen University, Scotland, the UK.

Professional career of Dr. Huque may be overseen for around thirty-seven (37) years of research-development-planning experiences on livestock development, primary of which is climate resilient livestock production, feeding & nutrition at home and abroad including UN organizations. At my maximum capacity as the Director-General of the Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI), I made enormous contributions in the advancement of the livestock sector in assisting and formulating many policies and plans of Bangladesh.

He was awarded IDA Scholarship.

He has 60 national and 46 international publicaions a) National: Sixty eight (68); b) International: Forty six (46).

He was Chairman, Editor, or a Member of Editorial Board of Bangladesh Journal of Livestock Research from 2001 to 2013; Director-General, BLRI, Divisional Head of a Research Division of the BLRI, Project Directors of National and International Development Projects.

He has Working Experience in UN/Global Organization: Suchas Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN since 2019 to date. Worked as Environment & ILMM Expert of Dairy Revolution and Meat project (DRMP), a World Bank-funded Project of government from November 17 to October 31, 2018.

He supported implementation of International Development  Projects: Programme Leader of ILM Management project, Bangladesh, a UNEP/CCAC funded project implemented by Stockholm  Environment Institute (SEI), Wageningen University, the Netherlands; National Technical Coordinator of CFC-UNDP funded Meat project; Technical Assistance Coordinator of World Bank-funded ARM Project-BLRI part, andCoordinator of a Govt. of Dutch funded Duckweed Project-BLRI component.

Dr. Huque participated in the Global Methane Forum, 2016, Washington, USA, and presented a keynote paper at the Agricultural Panel ;Participated in the International webinar on Livestock Manure Management-2016; Attended ad hoc intergovernmental codex task force on animal feeding meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark 2002; Participated in the E-conference on “Role of Agro-Industrial and Forestry By-products in the Feeding of Dairy Animals in Asia and other Tropical Regions”, November 11, 2013, to December 10, 2013, organized by FAO of the UN; Worked with Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden, Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), UNEP, and Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Worked with FAO on South-South cooperation for DTM feed technology transfer to the private sector of Bangladesh; Worked with FAO on recycling vegetable wastes as feed; Participated in the webinar on livestock manure management, February 7, 2016; Participated in the E-Conference on livestock feed production, availability, and strategy for further use, organized by FAO; Participated in the Regional livestock policy forum meeting in Bangkok, Thailand 2012; UNEP-GEF-ILRI Asia Project steering committee meeting in Vietnam, 2010; UNEP-GEF-ILRI Asia Project steering committee meeting in Sri Lanka, 2011; UNEP-GEF-ILRI Asia Project steering committee meeting in Pakistan, 2012; Visited China as one of the team members of livestock production in 2011; Presented paper in the AFACI meeting on livestock feeding and nutrition in Bejing, China 2003 He was involved in public sector policy drafting/formulation which includes Feeds & Feeding Standards for Farm Animals and Pets, Bangladesh, 2008, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, the Govt. of Bangladesh, approved by the BSTI, 2008; Poultry Feed Reference Standards BANGLADESH, 2002, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, the Govt. of Bangladesh; Draft National Integrated Livestock Manure Management Policy and Action Plan (ILM Management Policy-2016) - as the member secretary of the Steering Committee, Livestock Manure Management Project-Bangladesh, financed by the CCAC of the UNEP.

Dr. Huque is Project Director of Red Chittagong Cattle (RCC) Project (RCC Project); Project Director of Strengthening of Livestock Research Program (SLRP) project. Implementation support to Agri-business and value Chain development in the private sector: Established socioeconomically sustainable large-scale Corn Silage Business Model (>1000 ton/year) in the private sector (Khan Agro Ltd) in 2019; the company has been producing and marketing corn silage since 2019 and has a target of marketing of 5000-ton corn silage in 2021; feeding the corn silage marketed by Khan Agro Ltd increased daily milk yield minimum by 20% through having daily concentrate allowance per cow; Established socioeconomically sustainable small-scale Corn Silage Business Model (<100 tons/year) for the smallholder farmers; Developed and demonstrated cattle fattening system of Bangladesh that become a socioeconomically sustainable Agro-enterprise since 1990s; supported country`s attainment at the self-sufficiency in meat production, and reduced the rumen enteric methane emission of ruminant animals; Established Maize stover-based TMR production in the private sector (Lalmoni Agro Ltd).

Dr. Huque has been serving as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Bangladesh Academy of Science (BAS) USDA Endowment Fund research programme since 2016; assessed >20 grant schemes/projects. Worked as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the research programme of Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF), BARC since 2017; assessed >25 grant schemes/projects.

He was General Secretary, Bangladesh Animal Nutrition Society (BANS) since 2020; Member, Community for Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture; FAO of the United Nations-since 2016; Member, Bangladesh Animal Husbandry Association- since inception; Life Member, Krishibid Institution-since Graduation; Life Member, Bangladesh Association for Advance Sciences; Life member: Bangladesh Animal Nutrition Society; Vice President, World Poultry Science Association, Bangladesh Branch 2014-2015; Member, Dairy Asia, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bangkok - since 2012.

He visited United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, China, The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Saudi Arabia.

Bangladesh (BD)
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