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Prof. Dr. Fazley Bary Malik (Deceased)

(Expatriate Fellow, )

India (IND)
Bangladesh (BD)

Professor Dr. Fazley Bary Malik was born on 16 August 1934 in Bankura, West Bengal.

He obtained B.S. (Calcutta, 1953); M. Sc. (Dhaka, 1955) and Ph. D. (Go Hingen, 1958, Germany).

Dr. Fazely Bary Malik was a Professor of Physics  and also Professor in Electrical Engineering from 1994 until his death in 2014 of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC).

Dr. Malik worked as Research Associate (1959-1960, Max Plank Institut fur Physik); Research Associate (1960-1963, Princeton University); Scientific Officer (1963-1964, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission); Assistant Professor of Physics (1964 - 1968, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut); Associate Professor in Chemical Physics (1968 - 1976, Indiana University, Bloomington); Chairman and Professor, Department of Physics, (1980-1985, Southern Illinois University).

He has about 100 full length articles, four edited books, and 70 short communications in professional journals.

Dr. Malik was an outstanding scholar of SIUC 1996; Best Research Scholar, College of Science, SIUC, 1996; was included in Who's Who is American Teachers; and was Honorary Professor, Northwest Normal University at Changchun, China; was awarded Honorary Citizenship of Tennessee, USA; obtained Fellowship of NASA, Fulbright Scholar (1987, Finland); Max Planck Societies Senior Fellow (1976 - 1977); German Government Scholaship (1956 - 1958) and Fellow (1966 - 1968), Calhoun College, Yale University).

Dr. Mallik was a visiting Associate Professor of Fordham University (1961 - 1962), Australian National University (Summer 1966); Visiting scientist and scholar in InternationalCenter for Theoretical Physics (1976 - 1990). Soviet Academy of Sciences (Summer 1990); CERN (Summer 1987), CEN Saclay, France (Summer 1978), Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, Munich, Germany (1976 - 1977); Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (Summer 1974); Visited laboratories in India on the invitation of the Government of India under the sponsorship of the U.S.N.S. F. (1973); Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1963, 1964); Princeton University (1963); Summer, 1964 worked on the theoretical models on the Desalinization Projects in West Pakistan with Dr. A.M. Weinberg of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a Member of President John F. Kennedy's Commission on desalinization problem in Pakistan; was advisor to the Planning Commission, Govt. of Bangladesh on higher education and science planning, 1972; Visiting Professor in Abo Akademi, Finland, (1987, 1988); The University of Tubingen, (Fall 1985, Summer 1986); Northeast Normal University, Chang Chun, People's Republic of China, (Summer, 1984); Universities of Helsinki, Jyvaskyla and Abo Academy in Finland (1983); University of Uppsala, Sweden (1983); The University of Frankfort (Fall 1971); The University of Islamabad (1969); The Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (Winter 1968); The Technical University of Darmstadt (Summer 1967); The Technical University of Karlsruhe (Summer 1965).

Dr. Malik was awarded grants directly or as an associate by the U.S. Army Research Office, the National Science Foundation, National Bureau of Standards, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Finnish Academy, the Deutscheforshungsgemeinschaft (the Ministry of Research, the Federal Republic of Germany), Swiss National Foundation, NASA, and Southern Illinois University's Office of Research Development Administration (Currently holding grants from Army Research Office and NSF).

Professor Bary Malik was Consultant of UNESCO  theoretical physics center in USA (1992); French Atomic Energy Commission (summer 1978), Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory of (the then) U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (July - August, 1974), Swedish Atomic Energy Commission (May - June, 1974), Oak Ridge National Laboratory of (the then) U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (1966 - 1972).

Dr. Malik provided service to 23 Professional Organizations and Scientific Community throughout the world. He was reviewer, referee, external examiner of many international journals, and Universities.

His name is included in the Marquis Who's Who in the Midwest, 20th Edition. Also cross listed in Who's Who in America and also in Who's Who in the Frontiers of Science. Included in Men of Achievement, 12th edition, published by International Biographical Center, Cambridge U.K. Trustee Augusta Auerbach Scholarship Fund at SIUC.

He was invited as a speaker in as many as 46 national and   international seminar meetings.

Professor Malik expired on 04 July 2014.

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