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Prof. Mushfequr Rahman

(Expatriate Fellow, )

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

Professor Mushfequr Rahman was born on 1 January, 1924.

He was matricuted (1938) from Comilla Zilla School under Calcutta University securing 5th Position; BA (Math. 1942), Presidency College, Calcutta University; MA (First in the First Class, 1944), Dhaka University; Ph.D. (Geometry of Numbers), McGill University, Canada.

Dr. Mushfequr started career as a Lecturer in Mathematics (1944 - 1945) at Ahsanulla School of Engineering, Dhaka College and Dhaka University. Organization and Methods Officer, Government of Bengal, India; Head of Department of Mathematics (1957 - 1958), Dhaka University; Associate Professor (1957 - 1958), Dhaka University; Provost, Dhaka Hall (1960 - 1967), Dhaka University; Associate Professor (1967 - 1973), Eastern Illinois University; Professor (1973 - 1993), Eastern Illinois University.  Presently Prof. M. Rahman is a US citizen.

This research areas are Theory of Numbers, Geometry, Analysis.  Dr. M. Rahman was awarded government scholarship on the results of a competitive examination after grade 6, 1933. Awarded two gold medals and government scholarship on the results of school final examination, 1938; Awarded Colombo Plan Scholarship by the Government of Pakistan for advanced studies at McGill University, Canada, 1954; Awarded stipend by Canadian  Mathematical Society for attending the Canadian Mathematical Congress at Winnipeg in the Summer of 1955. Chairman of the committee for preparing a dictionary of the Bengali equivalents for English terms of Mathematics and Statistics, published by the Central Bengali Development Board, 1970; Selected by the University Seminars Organization of Pakistan to attend Summer Institutes in the U.S.A. in 1963 under the sponsorship of Asia Foundation and National Science Foundation, U.S.A. Selected by U.S. National Committee for Mathematics for inclusion in the World Directory of Mathematicians, 1970, 1976, 1986, 1990; Recipient of Outstanding Faculty Merit Award for Teaching, 1985, 1992.

He authored Text books: High School Algebra, High School Geometry, and High School Arithmetic, published by Islamia Library, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1948 - 1950; On the Critical Determinant of an Unbounded Star Domain of Hexagonal Symmetry, Punjab University; Mathematics Journal of Pakistan, April 1967. On Certain N-Admissible Triangles in Symmetric Unbounded Star-Domains; The Mathematics Student, Vol. XLII, No.2, 1974, India. "A star whose irregular packing is denser than its lattice packing", J. Ramanujan Math. Soc. 5(1), 1990.

He delivered Special lectures  on “Geometry of Numbers", University of British Columbia (1956); "The Density of N-Admissible Point Sets", Pakistan Science Conference, Lahore, Pakistan (1958); "Fermats Last Theorem", Dacca University (1960); "Geometry of Numbers", Notre Dame University (1963); "Some Unsolved Problems in Number Theory", Rajshahi University (1966); "The Queen; An Appreciation", Eastern Illinois University, Spring Conference (1968). "Domain of Action Method", American Mathematical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, (1972).

He is reviewer for Mathematical Reviews; American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America.

Address: Professor Mushfequr Rahman, 1090, Burycove Lane, Lawrenceville, GA30043, USA.

Bangladesh (BD)
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