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Dr. AKM Fazle Hussain

(Expatriate Fellow, )

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

Fazle Hussain earned Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1969; He is Cullen Distinguished Professor; Director, Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence.

His research areas are as follows: Fluid Mechanics, Vortex Dynamics, Turbulence, Aeroacous-tics, Thermal Science, and Measurement Techniques.

He was Member, National Academy of Engineering, (Elected in 2001); Fluids Engineering Award, ASME, 2000; Fluid Dynamics Prize, American Physical Society, 1998; Elected to the Third World Academy of Sciences, Trieste, Italy, 1997; Inducted into The John Hopkins Society of Scholars, JHU, Baltimore, MD, 1996; Fellow, APS, 1985; ASME, 1989; AIAA, 2001; Sigma Xi Research Award, University of Houston, 1999; Sabbatical at Cambridge University, 1992, 1999; Visiting Scholar, Institute for Theoretical Physics, UCSB, Feb. - Mar. 2000; Freeman Scholar, (Bienniel Award of ASME) 1984 Eckart Prize (For outstanding PhD Thesis), Stanford University, 1971.

He was Elected for four-year term (Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect, Chair, Past-Chair), Division of Fluid Dynamics, American Physical Society, 2000 - 2003; Fluid Dynamics Prize Committee, American Physical Society, 1991 - 1993, 2000; Nominating Committee, APS/DFD Vice-Chair 1997 - 1998, Chair 1998 - 1999; Member, Committee on Naval Hydrodynamics and Hydroacoustics, National Research Council 1999 - 2000; Chairman, Fluid Dynamics Award Committee, AIAA, 1999, 2000; Member, 1996-1998, Co-Chair 1998- to date, Scientific Committee, U.S. National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics;  John & Rebecca Moores Scholars Selection Committee, 1996; Asian Fluid Mechanics Committee (Organizes the Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics every two years), 1979 -present; Member, Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee, AIAA, 1997 - to date; Technical Program Chair, 30th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, Norfolk, VA, June 1999; Associate Editor, The Physics of Fluids, 1981 - 1984; Associate Editor, Journal of Fluids Engineering, ASME, 1995 - 1998;  Board of Editors, Sadhana; Proceedings of Indian Academy of Science (Science & Engg.) Editorial Advisory Board, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science (International Journal of Experimental Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Mechanics), Elsevier Scientific Publishing, Editorial Advisory Board, Thermophysics and Aeromechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk.

Professor Fazle Hussain has many research papers published in international journals and proceedings and books which are: F. Hussain, 1996, "New Aspects of Vortex Dynamics Relevant to Coherent Structures in Turbulent Flows," in Eddy Structure Identification (J.P. Bonnet, ed.), Springer, pp. 61 - 143;  W. Schoppa and F. Hussain, 1997, "Genesis and Dynamics of Coherent Structures in Near-Wall Turbulence: A New Look," in Self-sustaining Mechanisms of Wall Turbulence, (R. Panton, ed.), Computational Mechanics Publishing, pp. 385 - 422.

He delivered selected lectures on "Near-Wall coherent structure: in a turbulent boundary layer: genesis and control," ASME Fluids Engineering Award Lecture, Boston, June 13, 2000; "Vortex Dynamics and Turbulence Physics," Sigr/ia Xi Research Award Lecture, University of Houston, Feb. 19, 2000;  "Genesis and Dynamics of Coherent Structures in Near-Wall turbulence, and their Control for Drag Reduction", Workshop on Breakdown to Turbulence, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, Mar. 22-31, 1999;  "Core Dynamics Instability of a Vortex in Shear: A Physical space Cascade Mechanism", Symposium on Turbulence Structure and Vortex Dynamics, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, Mar. 15-19, 1999; "Vortex Dynamics related to Fluid Turbulence", Workshop on Perspectives in the Under-standing of Turbulent Systems, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, Jan. 13-22, 1999.

Dr. Hussain guided and supervised 18 Ph.D.and 23 M.S. graduates; He delivered 224 Invited Seminars (world wide).

Prof Akm Fazle Hussain is president's Endowed Distinguished Chair in Engineering, Science, and Medicine and senior adviser to the president of Texas Tech University, USA.

Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77204 4792.

Tel.: 713 743 4500, Fax: 713 743 4503. Email: fhussain@uh.edu

Bangladesh (BD)
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