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Dr. M. Zahid Hasan

(Expatriate Fellow, )

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

M. Zahid Hasan. Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics, Princeton University.

M Zahid Hasan Had his education in Stamford University, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, California. He completed his Ph.D in 2001 from Princeton University with R. H. Dicke fellowship. 

Research Interest: topological physics, Emergent phenomena via Dirac/majorana/Weyl fermions. Topo-Superconductivity, Mott phys, ARPeS/Res-X-roys, MBE-STM & crystal Growth, transport DFT/FP theoretical calculation/prediction of topological matter using VASP+ABINIT class of codes.

M Zahid Hasan has published over 170 papers in peer reviewed journals. His GS citations stand 40,000+. 70+ of his papers are in Nature, science, PNAS or PRLs.

His High Impact research contributions include: Demonstrated resonant X-ray Scattering (RIXS) technique for measuring multiple quantum numbers. Science 288, 1811(2000); phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 177403 (2002); Discovery of topological surface states (TSS) and proving of experimental realizations of 3D topological insulators (topological order in bulk solids). Nature 452, 970 (2008), Nature phys 5, 398 (209); Nature 460, 1101 (2009); Demonstration of spin-texure to Berry, phase measurement methods using ARPES crucial for proving most topological states of matter in general. Science 323, 919 (2009); Nature 460, 1101(2009); Discovery of Weyl semimetals and topological fermi Ares. Science, 349, 613 (2015); Science 347. 294 (2015) Nature phys 11,748 (2015).

M Zahid Hasan written the following review articles (on invitation): Discovery of Weyl fermion semimetals 4 topological fermi Arc Metals. Ann Review of cond. Matt. Phys 8,16 (2017); Weyl fermions fermi Arc & chiral Anomaly Nature Materials 15, 1140-1144 (2016); Topological insulators, Topological Crystalline Insulators, topological semimetals and topological kondo insulators topological insulators: Fundamental & Perspective Wiley-VCH (2015); Topological Insulators, Helical Superconductors and Weyl fermion semimetals; Nobel symposium on “New forms of matter (2014) phys. SCR T164, 014001 (2015); Three Dimensional topological insulators Annual Reviews of condensed matter physics, 2,55 (2011); Experimental Discoveries: topological surface states – A New Form of 2D Electron System Book Chapter: topological insulators, Ed, Franz et al Elsevere  series on “ contemporary concepts in condensed matter science” (2013); Topological Insulators Reviews of modern physics, 82, 1045 (2010).

M Zahid Hasan has accomplished Research and made original contribution in following research areas: Resonant X-ray scallering technique and mott insulator physics; Charge collective modes (holons) in ID cuprate Mott insulators; CDW and superconductivity in competition; Superconducting gap and correlation in high Te prictide superconductors; Topological insulators; Single-Dirac cone (hydrogen atom version) of topological insulators; Ternary bulk-insulating topological insulators; Adiabatic continuation approach to theoretically predict topo-materials; Delailed helical properties of topological insulators; Topo-crystalline insulator and mirror chern number measurements; Nanofilm spin-texture and electronic structure; Topological phase transitions; Weyl fermion semimetals and topological fermi arcs; Topological nodal-line semimetals; Ultrafast optical response of topological materials.

Advanced Scientific Instrumentation Development: Princeton University: Hybrid Spectrometer (STM-MBE-ARPES); Berkeley Lab: A meV Acsolution Beamline at the ALS (Advanced light source); Design of an elliptically bent refocus mirror for the meV resolution beamline at the ALS; High resolution Soft X-ray (~ 700 eV) emission spectrograph at advanced light source.

Argonne Lab: Sapphire Analyzers for high – Resolution Hard X-ray (~ 10 Kev) inelastic X-ray Spectroscopy.

Address: Email: mzhasan@princeton.edu

Bangladesh (BD)
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