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Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Nurul Islam (Deceased)

(Fellow, 1980)

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

National Professor Dr. A.K.M. Nurul Islam was born at Natore in 1928.

He obtained M. Sc. in Botany, Dhaka University, 1951; Ph.D. from Michigan State University, USA in 1960.

Dr. Islam Lecturer in Biology, Kushtia College, January-Sept. 1952; Lecturer in Botany, Dhaka Univ. October 1952-1962; Reader in Botany, Dhaka Univ. 1962 - 1972; Professor in Botany, Dhaka Univ. July 1972-1990; Supernumerary teacher, Dhaka University Jan. 1991-2000. Honorary Professor, Dhaka University, Jan. 2001-Jan. 2006.

Dr. Islam specialized in Phycology (Fresh water, Brackish water and Marine); Limnology, Hydrobiology and Plant Diversities; Pioneer in establishing and developing studies and research in these fields in Bangladesh. In recognition of the dedicated service in the developmet of these Subjects, the C & D committee of the Deptt. of Botany, DU named a laboratory as “Phycology, Limnology and Hydrobiology”.

Dr. Islam  was awarded as Appointed National Professor from February 2006 by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Bangladesh; Gold Medal (Senior group, in Biol. Sci.) by the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (1993);  Gold Medal by Bangladesh Botanical Society (2002); Awarded Gold Medal by the Department of Botany, Dhaka University for successful completion of 50 years of teaching and research in the Department (2004); Honoured by the Dhaka University Alumni Association with a crest for contributions in Biol. Sci. 1996;  SEATO Senior Fellowship for research in Marine  Biology (1970-1971).

Prof. Islam was Elected founder Dean, Faculty of Biol. Sciences (1975-1977).

Professor Islam was Elected President, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (1992-1994); Elected President, Bangladesh Botanical Society (1984-1986); Elected President, Bangladesh Association of Plant Taxonomists (2002-2006).

Dr. Islam has published 194 papers in national and international journals. He discovered one new genus and over 200 new species and varieties of algal taxa from Bangladesh. Most of these new taxa have been included in the world monographs. “Revision of the genus Stigeoclonium” Publ. J. Cramer, Germany (1963). “Contribution to the study of marine algae of Bangladesh.” J. Cramer, Germany (1976). Two centuries of Plant Studies in Bangladesh and adjacent regions (1991).

He edited weÁvb wek¦‡Kvl (Science Encyclopedia): (Biology branch); Bangla Academy (1998 - 2006). 'Plant Science and Man' Problems and Prospects (co-editor), Bangladesh Bot. Soc. (1994). He was editor Dacca University Studies, part B (Sci.) (1973 - 1980); Dhaka Univ. Stud. pt. E (Sci.); BAAS Journal; Bangladesh Journal of Botany; Journal, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Sci.); Two Centuries of Plant Studies in Bangladesh and Adjacent Regions (1991); Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy.

Dr. Islam was Head and Chairman, Department of Botany-several times between 1964 and 1975. Dean (founder), Faculty of Biological Sciences, 1975 - 1977. Director, Centre for Advanced Studies in Biological Sciences. Elected member, Dhaka University Senate (first and third). Member, Academic Council, Board of Advanced Studies and Selection Committees of Dhaka and other Universities.

He was invited as a Visiting Professor for one month by the Basrah University, Iraq; Invited by the Academia Sinica to participate in their Scientific Conference held at Beijing, China (1980); Invited by he UNESCO to participate in a meeting on Marine Sciences for the  Indo-Pacific regions, held at Qingdao, China (1981); Invited by UNESCO to attend the seminar on the Sundarbans Mangrove estuaries held at Calcutta University in 1987.

Dr. Islam was Team leader for the project: "Feasibility studies for the establishment of the Institute of Oceanography in Bangladesh", sponsored by the World Bank (1993); Team-leader for the project: "Evaluation of the BTRI (Bangladesh Tea Research Institute) 2000 - 2001.

He was Fellow, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences; Fellow, Bangladesh Botanical Society; Fellow, The Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. He was Life member of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh; Bangla Academy; Bangladesh Botanical Society; Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists; Bangladesh Association of Plant Taxonomists; Bangladesh Geographical Society; Bangladesh Society of Science and Culture. He was a Member of Delegation to China sent by the Govt. of Bangladesh (1986); Member, District Gazetteers Committee (1963-1980); Member, Academic Council and Senate of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong and Jahangirnagar Universities at different times.

Dr. Islam visited USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Iraq, Kuwait, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and Hong Kong.

National Professor Dr. A.K.M. Nural Islam expired on 01 July 2006.

Bangladesh (BD)
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