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Prof. A.K.M. Aminul Haque (Deceased)

(Fellow, 1988)

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

National Professor A.K.M. Aminul Haque was born in 1929 in Charjamail, Upazila Husainpur, Dist. Kishoreganj, Bangladesh.

Professor Aminul Haque has an exceedingly brilliant academic career all through, winning top position and merit scholarship at almost all public examinations right from the Lower Primary Scholarship Examination till getting a Ph.D. degree. Passed Matric. Exam. of Calcutta University, 1946, First Division, 10th Position in general and First Position among Muslims in the whole Univ. (Jurisdiction of Calcutta University then, during the British period, extending over the present ten Indian States of Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura and the whole of Bangladesh excluding Dhaka city).  I.Sc. Dhaka University 1948, First Div.; B.Sc. Dhaka University, 1950, First Position with Distinction; M.Sc. Panjab University, 1952, First Position in First Class; Ph.D. Nottigham University, 1957; SEATO Post-doctoral Fellowship, Tokyo University, 1970-1971. Fields of specialization: Fisheries Biology and Cetacean  (dolphin, porpoise and whale) Biology.

He jointed Lecturer (Grade-1) in Zoology, Dhaka University 1952-1954; Govt. of Pakistan State Scholar at Nottingham University, 1954-1957; Senior Lecturer in Zoology, Dhaka University, 1957-1962; Reader in Zoology, East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) Agric. University, 1962-1967; Professor of Fisheries, East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) Agric. University, 1967–1989.

His awards, honors and distinctions include UNESCO Prize on a school text book (1961 - 1962), National Bank of Pakistan Prize (1964) and a second UNESCO Prize (1963 - 1964) on a book "Chil-Myna-Doel-Koel"; Man of Achievement Award, Greater Mymensingh District Bi-Centenary Celebration Committee (1987); National Award, Fish Fortnight (1996); National Teachers Day Gold Medal Award in the University Category (2003); Fish Fortnight 2003 Gold Medal; Dr. S.D. Chaudhuri Gold Medal 2004 (Awarded in 2005); National Professorship, 2006; Life Time Achievement Award 2008, Association of the International Congress on Biotechnology in Animal Reproduction, Hiroshima City, Japan; CSRL, GROW and OXFAM Award, 2011; Fellowship (Honoris Causa) 2013, Committee of Action, Resarch, Extension and Service (CARES).

Besides, Bangladesh Fisheries Res. Inst. (BFRI), Khulna Univ., BAU Faculty of Fisheries Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee, Dhaka University Zoology Department Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, BAU Teachers Council, 2005 honoured Professor Aminul Haque, at different times with Special Crest of Honour on his extraordinary contribution to education and research.

His consultancy services at different times since 1988 include those rendered as National Consultant, Senior Consultant, Fisheries Specialist, and Team Leader under various FAO/UNDP, ICLARM, World Bank and ATDP projects.

His publications include seven books, seven book chapters, and over 50 research articles in journals published from India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, U.K., U.S.A and Bangladesh; many seminar/ symposia and popular science articles, key-note and presidential addresses mostly on fisheries, wildlife, environment, astronomy, education, etc.

He was Founder Editor, and Editor-in-Chief, Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries (ISSN No. 0257-4330), Member, Editorial Board, Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries Research (ISSN No. 1062-6690). Also, in the past, he worked as a member of Publication Committee, Quarterly Vijnan Vichitra, and Member of Editorial Board, Bangladesh Journal of Zoology and also of Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture.

He was the Head of Department for about 19 years and concurrently Dean of Faculty for about 12 years. Visiting Professor, Tokyo University, Japan 1970-1971; Guest Teacher, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 1971; Vice-Chancellor, Bangladesh Agric. University for full two terms 1980-1984 and 1984-1988.  Professor Aminul Haque established ‘Fisheries’ as a distinct academic discipline in the University education system and he is credited with the establishment of the first ever Faculty of Fisheries in the                 subcontinent, and had a pioneering role in establishing the Fisheries Research Institute in the BAU campus.

He is BAAS Founder Member; BAAS Sectional President (Biology, etc.) 1977; BAAS General President 1981, 1982; Founder President, Fellow and Life Member, Zoological Soc. Bangladesh; Founder President and Life Member, Fisheries Soc. Bangladesh; Life Member and Fellow, Marine Biological Assoc. of India; Member, Species Survival Commission, IUCN; Member,  Cetacean Specialist Group, IUCN; Member, Asian River Dolphin Committee; Member, International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP), Bangladesh; Fellow, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences; Member, Bangladesh Intellectual Property Rights Training Inst.

Professor Haque visited some 23 countries in four continents attending scientific consultation meetings, conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. Institutions and Res. Labs visited include, among many others, Australia: Australian National Museum, Perth; Univ. of Western Australia, Dept. of Marine Biology; Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong, Ocean Park, Hong Kong; India: Central Inland Fish. Res. Inst. (CIFRI) Barrackpore; Indian Council of Agric. Res. (ICAR), New Delhi; Univ. of Cochin Dept. of Marine Sci.; Japan: Kamogawa Sea World, Japan; Ocean Res. Inst., Tokyo; Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo Univ. of Fisheries; United Nations Univ., Tokyo; Malaysia: Nanyang Univ., Univ. of Malaya, Univ.  Pertanian Malaysia; University Sains, Penang. New Zealand: Univ. of Auckland, University of Canterbury; Norway: Departent of FisheriesMuseum, Bergen; Pakistan: Univ. of the Punjab, Lahore. Sindh Univ. Botanical and Zoological Labs., Jamshoro; Karachi Univ., Zoological Labs.; Philippines: International Rice Res. Inst. (IRRI), Los Banos; South East Asian Fisheries Dev. Centre (SEAFDEC); International Labour Organisation (ILO); Singapore: Asian Dev. Bank HQ.  National Univ. of Singapore; Sweden: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm; Thailand: Chaulalongkorn University, Dept. of Marine Sci.; Kasetsart University, FAO Regional office; U.K.: Liverpool Univ. Marine Biology Labs. at Port Erin, Isle of Man; Univ. of Reading Agriculture Facilities, Water Pollution Research Labs, Stevenge. Inst. of  Aquaculture, Stirling University; University of Birmingham at Aston; the Univ. of Nottingham.

His hobbies include wildlife and environment conservation, Bird-watching, dolphin and whale watching, star-gazing, and community welfare.

Address: House No. 13, Road No. 128, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. Tel.: (02) 989 4933.

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