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Dr. A.M. Choudhury (Deceased)

(Fellow, 1997)

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

Dr. A.M. Choudhury was born on 22 December, 1941, in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

He obtained M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics, Dhaka University, 1963. Ph.D. in Space Physics, London University, 1969.

His research interests are Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Research. Held responsible positions initially at Dhaka University, Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Committee (SUPARCO) and later in Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO) from where he retired as Chairman. He also worked as Executive Director, Bangladesh Computer Council on contract basis.

Dr. Chodhury was awarded a gold medal for securing highest marks in Mathematics in the Matriculation examination; the Raja Kali Narayan Scholarship of Dhaka University; A US NASA group achievement award for successfully completing the ACEMP Project of SPARRSO; World Leader of Achievement by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England; Biography included in the Who is Who in the World by Marquis of USA; Awarded Bangladesh Independence Day Award 1998.

He developed satellite meteorology in Bangladesh and developed method of advance predication of cyclones which saved millions of human lives; Developed method for long range rainfall predication in Bangladesh which helped in the prediction of floods and droughts; Developed method of advance crop prediction using satellite imagery and together with the items mentioned above helped to avert famines thus saving millions of lives.

Dr. Choudhury has nearly 400 publications in national and international journals and as seminar and workshop presentations.

He has worked as the Chairman of the Editorial Board of Geoscience, Journal of the Bangladesh Geophysical Society; worked as the Chairman of the Editorial Board of Seminar on Road Map for 1CTT Development of Bangladesh; worked as a member of the Editorial Board of the Proceedings on Bose-Einstein Seminar organized by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Choudhury was President, Bangladesh Geophysical Society for the term 1981 – 1983;  Elected a Member of the American Physical Society; Life Member, International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems;  Associate of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics from 1980 - 1992.

Dr. Choudhury visited many countries including UK, USA, Italy, France, Germany, India, China, Japan, South Korea etc. Visited Goddard Space Flight Centre, Maryland; National Hurricane Research Laboratory, Florida, USA; NASA and NOAA Headquarters, Washington, DC; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea; Beijing University, China.


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Bangladesh (BD)
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