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Prof. Mofizuddin Ahmed (Deceased)

(Foundation Fellow, 1973)

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

Emritus Professor Mofizuddin Ahmed was born on 2 May, 1921.

He obtained B.Sc (Hons.), 1942 and M.Sc., 1944 in Chemistry, Dhaka University, Dhaka; Ph.D., 1948, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.; a short course on Student Personnel Service, 1961, Chicago University, U.S.A.

He was Lecturer, 1948 - 1950; Reader, 1950 - 1963, Professor, 1963-1983 in Chemistry, Dhaka University; Provost Iqbal Hall (now Sgt. Zahurul Haq Hall), 1945 - 1961; Advisor on  Student Affairs, 1961 – 1963.

Professor Ahmed recevied Dhaka University Prize of Books, 1944 (on the result of M. Sc.); Tamgha-i-Pakistan, 1967; Bangladesh Independence Day Award of Gold Medal and cash in Science and Technoloty, 1986; Bangladesh Chemical Society Gold Medal for outstanding contributions, 1988.

Dr. Ahmed carried out research on Structural Chemistry, specially of plant products and mechanism of organic reactions. Author of some text books in Oraganic Chemistry in English and Bangla.

Prof. Ahmed was Provost Salimullah Muslim Hall, 1963 - 1970; Head of the Deptartment of Chemistry, Dhaka University, 1972 - 1973; Member, Pakistan Central Public Service Commission, 1970; Founder Vice-Chancellor, Jahangirnagar University, 1970 – 1972. He was First Chairman, Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, 1973 - 1979; Consultant ESCAP, 1982; Chairman, Bangladesh National Education Commission, 1987; Founder Director, Institute for Advancement of Science and Technology Teaching 1970-1972; Professor Emeritus, Dhaka University from 1984 till his death in 1997.

Dr. Ahmed was a Member, Pakistan Delegation to Indian Science Congress, 1954 (Calcutta); Leader, Pakistan Delegation to British Association Annual Conference, 1958 (Glasgow); Member, Science Mission to USSR, 1967; Leader of Bangladesh delegation to the Association for Scientific Cooperation in Asia (ASCA) in New Delhi, 1974; Canberra, 1975 and Bangkok, 1976; UNESCO Science Policy Seminar, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1975; Leader of Bangladesh delegation to Indian Science Congress, 1975; Bangladesh delegate to Australia-New Zealand Science Conference, Tasmania, Australia, 1976; UNESCO Conference on Scientific Information, Williamsburgh, Germany, 1977; Pugwash Conf. in Munich, Germany, 1977; World Conf. on Future Sources of Organic Raw Materials, Ottawa, 1978; Member, UN Adhoc Group of Experts on Education in the field of New and Renewable Energy, New York, 1981; Federation of Asian Chemical Societies, Regional Chemical Seminar and Institute Kimia Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 1981; Asian and Pacific Chemical Congress, Singapore, 1981; Global Conference on the Role of Scientific and Engineering Societies for Development, New Delhi, 1981; Commonwealth Seminar on Mobilising Indigenous Professional, Scientific and Engineering Organizations for Development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1984.

He was member, Phi Lamda Upsilon, 1947 (U.S.A.); Member, Sigma XI, 1948 (U.S.A.); Associate General Secretary, Pakistan Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, 1963 - 1969; President, Chemistry & Applied Chemistry Section, 18/19th Pakistan Science Conference, 1963; Fellow, Pakistan Academy of Sciences; Founder President, Bangladesh Chemical Society, 1973 - 1980; President, Bangladesh Assoc. of Scientists and Scientific Professions, 1982; Secretary, 1982, Treasurer, 1984 and Vice-President, 1986 of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences; Chairman, National Commission of University-Industry Interaction, 1983. Fellow, Indian Chemical Society; American Chemical Society; and American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Professor M. Ahmed expired on 26 September 1997.

Bangladesh (BD)
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