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Department of Chemistry, Jahangirnagar University, Savar-1342, Bangladesh

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Dr. Shariff Enamul Kabir

(Fellow, 1999)

Bangladesh (BD)
Bangladesh (BD)

Dr. Shariff Enamul Kabir was born on 28 February, 1955 in a remote village in Gopalgonj district. His father is Late Shariff Abdul Mannan and mother Late Fazorun Nessa.

Dr. Kabir did his M.Sc. in thesis group from the Department of Chemistry at Jahangirnagar University in 1979 securing First Position with First Class. Dr. Kabir was a Commonwealth scholar and obtained his Ph.D. in Cluster Chemistry from University College London (UK).

He was lecturer, Jahangirnagar University (1979-1983); Associate Professor (1987-1992); Professor since 1992; Treasurer in 1998- 2001. He works on synthesis, structure and reactivity of triosmium triruthenium clusters with particular emphasis on modelling industrially important HDS (Hydrodesulfurization) and HDN (Hydrodenitrogenation) processes; Reactivity of unsaturated triosmium clusters with small organic and inorganic molecules; Mixed metal organometallic complexes; Mono  and dinuclear  transition metal organometallic complexes. Dr. Kabir took up the challenging task of initiating a front line research like Cluster Chemistry. His rigorous approach and dedication to the subject enabled him to build up an active research group in Cluster  Chemistry at Jahangirnagar University. He was a visiting scholar at California State University, Northridge (USA) (1989-1991) where he was engaged in teaching and research. In February 1994, Dr. Kabir joined Professor Rosenberg's group at the University of Montana (USA) as a Post-doctoral Fellow. He worked as a visiting Professor at Montana University, USA, from 2003 to 2005. He was awarded the highly prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship Heinrich Vahrenkamp at Freiburg University in Germany (1994 -1996).

Professor Enamul Kabir was awarded the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences Gold Medal in 1996 (Physical Sciences, Senior Group) for specific contribution in the field of Science and Technology; Bangladesh Academy of Sciences M.O. Ghani Gold Medal Award in 2008; The University Grants Commission Award in 1990 and 2011; The Royal Society of Chemistry Research Fund Award for 1993, 1994 and 1995; Jahangirnagar University Prize of books, 1979 (On the results of M. Sc.).

Dr. Kabir published more than 290 research papers mostly in the International Journals of Chemistry with pioneering and fundamental contributions on C-H, N-H, S-H and C-N bonds activation of aromatic N- and S-heterocycles on trimetallic surfaces; Reversible insertion of SO2 into the N-N and P-P bonds of diiron complexes and reactivity of unsaturated triosmium clusters with small organic and inorganic molecules.

He is currently the chief editor, Journal of Bangladesh Chemical Society, member editorial board, Bangladesh Journal of Industrial and Scientific Research and Rashayan Samiskha.

Prof. Kabir was Vice Chancellor 2009-2012. Professor Kabir was a member of Bangladesh Public Service Commission. Chairman, Jahangirnagar University Finance Committee. Syndicate Member, Begum Rokeya University, Noakhali Science and Technology Universtiy, Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Comilla Universtiy, and Gono Bishwabidyalay; Member Regent Board, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University; and Senate Member, National University. Jahangirnagar University Senate, Syndicate, Board of Advanced Studies and Academic Council; Executive Committee, Bangladesh Chemical Society.

He is the member the Royal Society of Chemistry (1983); Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (1999); Bangladesh Chemical Society (2002). American Chemical Society; Bangladesh Association for the  Advancement of Sciences; Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.

He was a Member, Executive Committee, Jahangirnagar University Teacher's Association (1992); General Secretary, Jahangirnagar University Teacher's Association (1993); President, Jahangirnagar University Teacher's Association (1997); Member, Federation of Bangladesh University Teacher's Association (1993 and 1997). Organizing Secretary, 20th Annual Conference of Bangladesh Chemical Society (1997). General Secretary, Bangladesh Chemical Society (2009-2010); Vice President, Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Sciences (2010-2012).

He has also established the Wazed Mia Science Research Institute in Jahangirnagar University which is considered to be one of the best research hubs in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh (BD)
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