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BAS-TWAS-CASAREP YOUNG SCIENTISTS MEETING on Impact of Climate Change–A Way Forward, 28-29 September 2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) and World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)-Central and South Asia Regional Partner (CASAREP), with the financial assistance of Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), organized an International Young Scientists Meeting on Impact of Climate Change-A Way Forward held during 28-29 September 2019 in the Conference Room of Designated Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (DRiCM), Bangladesh Council of Scientic & Industrial Research (BCSIR), Elephant Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In total, 5 resource persons and 12 young scientists from India, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Malaysia, Nepal and Sri Lanka participated in the meeting. From Bangladesh, 22 resource persons, 28 young scientists and researchers from universities and R & D organizations, 13 BAS Fellows, and senior scientists of different universities and research institutes also participated in the meeting. The Young Scientists Meeting was inaugured by Prof Dr V Krishnan, Co-ordinator, TWAS-CASAREP and chaired by Prof Dr Quazi Abdul Fattah, President, BAS. Prof Dr Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Secretary, BAS delivered welcome address to all the local and foreign participants and moderated the meeting. Prof Dr M Shamsher Ali, Chair of the Organizing Committee, presented the objectives of the meeting. There were five technical sessions in two days devoted to (i) Impact of Climate Change on Natural Resource and Biodiversity, (ii) Impact of Climate Change on Health, Food and Nutrition, (iii) Impact of Climate Change on Physical and Chemical Environment, (iv) Impact of Climate Change on Plant and Animals, and (v) Advocacy and Policies related to Climate Change. There was also a session on Experience from the stakeholders/public participants. Two shrimp farmers practically experienced with losses in their shrimp cultivation due to salinity intrusion in their protected shrimp farms as the results of climate changes spoke about their experiences. From this Young Scientists Meeting, the young scientists of this region could share their experiences on the effect of climate change on land and environment, and other key areas. It was an effective, successful and beneficial meeting for the young scientists of science and technology lagging countries of this region. The Concluding Session was chaired by Prof Dr M Shamsher Ali, Chair of the Organizing Committee. The Chief Guest was Prof Dr Abdul Matin Patwari, former Vice Chancellor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Islamic University of Technology (IUT) and University of Asia Pacific (UAP). The concluding session was followed by a Cultural Program presented by local artists and a farewell dinner